Storage Tips

The Top 25 Storage Tips

1 | Fill containers to capacity or fill spaces with packaging material.

2 | Pack heavy items into small boxes, this will make them easier to move.

3 | Label every box so that you can find what you need later. Leave space to reach the back of the unit and put frequently used items near the front.

4 | Don’t use newsprint to pack anything that can be stained by the ink.

5 | Metal objects like tools and bikes should be wiped with a rag containing machine oil to prevent rust.

6 | Appliances should be clean and dry.

7 | Defrost refrigerators and freezers before storing and leave doors ajar inside storage unit.

8 | Some goods can be stored in furniture.

9 | Pack books flat and put boxes with books or papers on skids or pallets to prevent moisture absorption.

10 | Clothing, curtains and drapes should be cleaned and stored on hangers.

11 | For storing or hanging your clothes, special Porta Robe Boxes are available from the office.

12 | Dishes and glassware boxes should have a layer of padding top and bottom and each item should be wrapped.

13 | Nest bowls and cups and stand plates on end and fill all pockets with padding.

14 | Stand sofas and mattresses on end on a pallet or plastic sheet.

15 | Disassemble beds and tables and put them upside down on the floor.

16 | Stack Boxes on dressers and use drawers to store delicate items.

17 | Store light chairs inverted seat to seat.

18 | For the best protection of your goods, use purpose made storage boxes, these are available from the office.

19 | Wrap Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard and put packing paper or newsprint (won’t stain these) around all of
it inside the box.

20 | Wrap large lamp bases in padding and pad smaller lamps and pack inside box with extra side padding.

21 | Pack lamp shades separately.

22 | Pack mirrors, windows and record albums on edge and add lots of side padding inside box and between mirrors to secure.

23 | Leave a centre isle for & stack your goods & items at least 50mm off the ground for better ventilation .

24 | Any items like clothing and fabric should have a couple of moth balls packed in with the items which will help to keep pest free.

25 | Use shelving to maximise your space when storing documents.